Recently the oVirt community was pretty excited to find a series of new videos walking users through some key steps in installing and using oVirt.

The video were created by Nathan Llaneza from Coastal IT Solutions, who also teaches at a local community college.

“We needed to be able to give our students virtual machines that could be utilized from anywhere,” Llaneza explained. “We have finally been granted our second server, so now we are going to be able to let more instructors use the oVirt environment. I am building these videos to encourage more of our instructors to make the switch from local VMs in the classroom to the oVirt platform.”

About three years ago LLanza was researching an alternative for the local VMs, and he concluded that between oVirt, VMware, and Openstack, oVirt suited the college’s needs best. According to Llaneza, some of the deciding factors were:

  • “Ability to access to the VM console without additional software
  • “Ease of deployment – I was able to setup the platform, with minimal effort
  • “Active Directory integration – They use one account for everything on campus, including oVirt
  • “Minimal Internet exposure – We opened three publicly accessible ports on the firewall
  • “SSL Encryption – We were able to secure the portal with a SSL certificate”

Llaneza also works for Coastal IT Solutions, where he helps maintain the oVirt environment there. Coastal has agreed to host the videos and pay for the time needed to create the videos. After LLaneza finished up with the videos in the User Portal, he plans make a few for the Admin Portal, covering topics such as VM Pools, Template Management, and Assigning User Permissions.

The community will be looking forward to seeing more of Llaneza’s work. Check out the videos for yourself.