oVirt’s development is continuing on pace, as the calendar year draws to a close and we get ready for a new year of development, evangelism, and making virtual machine management a simple process for everyone.

Here’s what happened in November of 2016.

Software Releases

oVirt 4.0.6 Third Release Candidate is now available

oVirt 4.1.0 First Beta Release is now available for testing

In the Community

Testing ovirt-engine changes without a real cluster

Request for oVirt Ansible modules testing feedback

Deep Dives and Technical Discussions

Important Open Source Cloud Products [German]

Red Hat IT runs OpenShift Container Platform on Red Hat Virtualization and Ansible

Keynote: Blurring the Lines: The Continuum Between Containers and VMs [Video]

Quick Guide: How to Plan Your Red Hat Virtualization 4.0 Deployment

A Decade of KVM [Chinese]

Expansion of iptables Rules for oVirt 4.0 [Russian]