The oVirt project is glad to announce that five talented students will be joining the oVirt community over the summer period, as part of the 2017 Google Summer of Code (GSoC) and Outreachy internship programs.

Both GSoC and Outreachy focus on getting more student developers interested in open source software development, as well as providing opportunities for talented people, underrepresented in the tech world, to gain valuable technology experience. The students will spend their summer break writing code, learning about open source development and documentation, and earning a stipend.

Joining us as part of GSoC are:

Tasdik Rahman will be working on adding Ansible roles for oVirt-utilities, for easier testing and automated redeployment. His mentor will be Lukas Svaty.

Shubham Dubey will be working on configuring backup storage for Ovirt. The idea is to replace the need for a dedicated storage domain for backup and disaster recovery. Shubham’s mentor will be Maor Lipchuk.

Joining us as part of Outreachy, are:

Anastasia Antsiferova will be working on the oVirt log analyser. Her mentor will be Milan Zamazal.

Leni Kadali will be working on documetation. His mentor will be Jason Brooks.

Valentina Makarova will be working on implementing oVirt integration tests using Lago – oVirt’s ad-hoc virtual testing environment framework. Her mentor will be Milan Zamazal.

For more on the individual GSoC projects, visit the oVirt GSoC 2017 projects page.

And for more on the Outreachy internship program, visit the website.

Let’s warmly welcome Tasdik, Shubham, Anastasia, Leni, and Valentina into the communities for the bonding period, and wish them the very best during the program.