Bringing high performance virtual machines to oVirt!

Introducing a new VM type in oVirt 4.2.0 Alpha. A newly added checkbox in the all-new Administration Portal delivers the highest possible virtual machine performance, very close to bare metal.

What does it do?

Some of the magic includes:

  • Enable Pass-Through Host CPU
  • Enable IO Threads, Num Of IO Threads = 1
  • Set the IO and Emulator threads pinning topology

For the full feature set, see the very detailed High Performance VM feature page

Count me in! How do I set it up?

Simple. Go to the Administration Portal and from the vertical menu select Compute > Virtual machines. Click the New VM tab to open up the New Virtual Machine dialog box. In the General tab next to the Optimized for field, click the drop down menu and select High Performance. Click OK. Depending on your current configurations, a smart pop-up may open with a list of additional recommended manual configurations, specific to your setup. To address these recommended changes, click Cancel.

New Virtual Machine dialog box with the High Performance VM type highlighted