oVirt conference 2019 is the 4th event organized in Italy by the oVirt Italia community, founded by Stefano Stagnaro with the help of Gianluca Cecchi, Simone Tiraboschi, and Sandro Bonazzola.

The event was organized with the help of Extraordy, a Red Hat partner that delivers official Red Hat training in Italy. The conference has been sponsored and hosted by Oracle thanks to Simon Coter, Director of Product Management for Oracle Linux and Virtualization.

The conference

You can see the recordings of the morning sessions here:

Stefano introduced the conference and Simon Coter set expectations on the event neutrality completely dedicated to the community.

The first presentation by Sandro Bonazzola about oVirt and its community was reduced to recover the delay but still gave the message to the community about the solidity and maturity of the project, the plan to continue developing it and some expectations about CentOS Stream and CentOS Linux.

Slides: here  ;

The second presentation from Stefano about oVirt installation made easy showed how to deploy hosted engine with oVirt Node and appliance step by step.

Videos used during the presentation:

1- oVirt Node and Appliance download

2- oVirt Node installation

3 – Hosted Engine VM

4 – first VM

The third presentation has been done by Simon Coter, Oracle, about  Introducing Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager

During his presentation Simon gave the background about the decision to build on oVirt for their virtualization product considering it the only existing open source enterprise level project for managing KVM virtualization.

He also clarified they didn’t fork oVirt, they are just consuming it as-is with just a few patches that are included in their src.rpm and are freely available.

Slides: here

Gaetano La Rosa then presented in Italian Certificarsi RHCVA and announced next training cycle on November 2019 planned specifically for those coming to this conference and with 300€ discount. He supported the value of the training even on the community based software citing some real case studies.

Slides: here

The last presentation of the morning was done by Pawel Maczka from Storware about  vProtect – Best practices for oVirt Backup & Recovery.

Slides: here

Pawel covered lots of interesting topics about backup and he’s really interested in getting as much feedback as possible from community so he offered special license for 20 VMs to the participants for free.


Participants enjoyed the buffet, taking a chance to do social networking and ask questions.

The afternoon presentation started with Martin Tessun opening with New features in Red Hat Virtualization 4.3.

Slides: here

This was followed by Dominik Holler talking about SDN deployment with OVN, Neutron, and Skydive.

Slides: here

The next presentation from Marcin was about Disaster Recovery strategies for oVirt.

Slides: here

The last session was about oVirt Ansible Automation opened by Simone and closed by Gianluca.

Simone’s slide: here

Gianluca’s slide: here

Gianluca presented how updating an Oracle RDBMS running on oVirt can be automated by ansible.

Videos used by Gianluca during the presentation are here:

1 – using web admin for the process part 1

2 – using web admin for the process part 2

3 – using web admin for the process part 3

4 – using ansible for the process part 1

5 – using ansible for the process part 2


Stay tuned, we’ll publish the afternoon sessions recordings soon!

We’d like to get some feedback from you at users@ovirt.org for improving and we hope to see you in next oVirt conference!