oVirt 4.5.1 is now generally available


The oVirt project is excited to announce the general availability of oVirt 4.5.1, as of June, 22nd 2022.


This release unleashes an altogether more powerful and flexible open source virtualization solution that encompasses hundreds of individual changes and a wide range of enhancements across the engine, storage, network, user interface, and analytics on top of oVirt 4.4.

Important notes before you install / upgrade

Some of the features included in oVirt 4.5.1 require content that is available in RHEL 8.6 (or newer) and derivatives.


NOTE: If you’re going to install oVirt 4.5.1 on RHEL or similar, please read Installing on RHEL or derivatives first.


Be sure to follow instructions for oVirt 4.5!

  • If you want to try oVirt as quickly as possible, follow the instructions on the Download page.

  • For complete installation, administration, and usage instructions, see the oVirt Documentation.

  • For upgrading from a previous version, see the oVirt Upgrade Guide.

  • For a general overview of oVirt, see About oVirt.

What’s new in oVirt 4.5.1 Release?

This release is available now on x86_64 architecture for:

  • CentOS Stream 8

  • RHEL 8.6 and derivatives


This release supports Hypervisor Hosts on x86_64:

  • oVirt Node NG (based on CentOS Stream 8)

  • CentOS Stream 8

  • RHEL 8.6 and derivatives


This release also supports Hypervisor Hosts on x86_64 as tech preview without secure boot:

  • CentOS Stream 9

  • RHEL 9.0 and derivatives

  • oVirt Node NG based on CentOS Stream 9


Builds are also available for ppc64le and aarch64.


Known issues:

  • On EL9 with UEFI secure boot, vdsm fails to decode DMI data due to
    Bug 2081648 – python-dmidecode module fails to decode DMI data


Security fixes included in oVirt 4.5.1 compared to latest oVirt 4.5.0:

  • CVE-2022-31051 – ovirt-web-ui – semantic-release: Masked secrets can be disclosed if they contain characters that are excluded from uri encoding

  • CVE-2021-3807 – ovirt-web-ui – nodejs-ansi-regex: Regular expression denial of service (ReDoS) matching ANSI escape codes

  • CVE-2021-33623 – ovirt-web-ui – nodejs-trim-newlines: ReDoS in .end() method


Some of the RFEs with high user impact are listed below:

  • 1782077 [RFE] More Flexible oVirt CPU Allocation Policy with HyperThreading

  • 1975596 [RFE] Enhancement of oVirt monitoring by SNMP to merge each alert message into a single line

  • 1663217 [RFE] Add oVirt VM name to the matching between Satellite’s content host to RHV (currently only VM FQDN is used)

  • 1996098 [RFE] Provide options for “Disable Spice file transfer”, “Disable spice clipboard copy and paste”

  • 2021497 [RFE] Install and configure Keycloak as a default SSO provider for ovirt-engine

  • 2078500 [RFE] Add support for parallel migration connections to the REST API

  • 1937408 [RFE] Add ability to import template from OVA in image_template role

  • 1881280 [RFE] Validate HE cluster if –restore-from-file

  • 2081559 [RFE] discrepancy tool should detect preallocated cow images that were reduced

  • 1986335 [RFE] Support hosts based on CentOS Stream 9


Some of the Bugs with high user impact are listed below:

  • 2043146 Expired /etc/pki/vdsm/libvirt-vnc/server-cert.pem certificate is skipped during Enroll Certificate

  • 2071468 Engine fenced host that was already reconnected and set to Up status.

  • 2078025 [Docs] Now that certificates only last 13 months, oVirt needs to document how to renew them

  • 1986732 ovirt-ha services cannot set the LocalMaintenance mode in the storage metadata and are in a restart loop

  • 2054745 Setting SD to maintenance fails and turns the SD to inactive mode as a result

  • 2057958 oVirt Node 4.5 el9 iso doesn’t boot anymore

  • 2035051 removing nfs-utils cause ovirt-engine removal due to cinderlib dep tree

  • 1878724 vdsm-tool configure is failing with error “dependency job for libvirtd.service failed”

  • 2075435 Hybrid Backup – backup href has changed and causing backups to get stuck in finalizing stage

  • 2055136 virt module is not changed to the correct stream during host upgrade


oVirt Node will be released shortly after the release will reach the CentOS mirrors.


See the release notes for installation instructions and a list of new features and bugs fixed.


Additional resources: