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oVirt and Fedora

If you have followed the oVirt project for a few releases you already know oVirt has struggled to keep the pace with the fast innovation cycles Fedora Project is following.  Back in September 2019 CentOS project launched CentOS Stream as a rolling preview of future RHEL kernels and features, providing an upstream development platform for ecosystem developers that sits between Fedora and RHEL. Since then the oVirt project tried to keep the software working on Fedora, CenOS Stream, and RHEL/CentOS but it became quickly evident the project lacked resources to keep the project running on three platforms. Further, our user […]

oVirt and CentOS Stream

Progress cannot be made without change. As technologists, we recognize this every day. Most of the time, these changes are iterative: progressive additions of features to projects like oVirt. Sometimes those changes are small, and sometimes not. And that’s, of course, just talking about our project. But one of the biggest strengths of our community’s software is that we are not alone, and because of that, changes to other projects have ripple effects that can affect our own, even in positive ways. This week, our collaborators in the CentOS Project have announced a change in the way their software is […]