On behalf of the oVirt community, I am pleased to announce a major new release today, oVirt 4.0. This latest community release, now ready for download, has several new features, including a brand-new dashboard management and monitoring system; enhanced container support; faster live migration speeds; and a new direct-for-disk image uploader.

As the upstream development project for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, oVirt’s integrated virtualization enables cost savings for enterprises without the need to re-develop applications to conform to cloud platforms’ APIs. oVirt also shares services with Red Hat’s cloud solutions including RDO, Red Hat’s community OpenStack distribution, as well as stronger container support that integrates tools from Project Atomic, Red Hat’s robust container management tool set.

New features highlighted in this release are:

New Administration Portal: Our UX team has created a stunning new dashboard to monitor and control your datacenter, based on feedback from oVirt users. Administrators can visualize the strength of their datacenters and virtual machines at a glance with the highly visual dashboard in place.

Improved Live-Migration Performance: Much faster migrations speeds for host-to-host migration with policies that are now completely customizable.

Improved Image Features: In previous versions of oVirt, VM images needed to be uploaded via command line. With oVirt 4.0, these images can now be selected and uploaded to the oVirt instance right from within the web-based portal. oVirt 4.0 also now enables importing libvirt VMs using the virt-v2v tool.

Container Support: Support for Atomic guest OS machines is included, with reports available about containers running in them.

New oVirt Node: The just-enough operating system version of oVirt has been revamped and includes a Cockpit-based management system.

Developer Improvements: The new API v4 is cleaner and provided improved performance, and a Ruby SDK is now included in oVirt.

Other exciting new features in this release of oVirt include the capability to deploy additional hosts for Hosted Engine directly from the Web portal, as well as improvements to Gluster hyper-converged setups, per-interface MAC anti-spoofing, and FiberChannel over Ethernet support via VDSM hook.

A complete list of oVirt 4.0 features is available in the oVirt 4.0 Release Notes. oVirt 4.0 is a big step forward in improving the virtual datacenter management experience, improving what is already available in oVirt with more speed and power than ever, while adding improvements to the platform that will take it to the next level of virtual machine management in an increasingly DevOps-oriented IT environment.

Download the latest version of oVirt today!