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oVirt 4.0 is Released!

On behalf of the oVirt community, I am pleased to announce a major new release today, oVirt 4.0. This latest community release, now ready for download, has several new features, including a brand-new dashboard management and monitoring system; enhanced container support; faster live migration speeds; and a new direct-for-disk image uploader.

As the upstream development project for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, oVirt’s integrated virtualization enables cost savings for enterprises without the need to re-develop applications to conform to cloud platforms’ APIs. oVirt also shares services with Red Hat’s cloud solutions including RDO, Red Hat’s community OpenStack distribution, as well […]

Welcome to the new oVirt.org website!

As part of our efforts to upgrade the ovirt.org website and improve the community experience, we migrated the oVirt website from a MediaWiki site to a static site, authored in Markdown and published with Middleman. This was a major project that took more than 6 months and involved many contributors from all aspects of the project.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who were involved with this migration, from content reviewers to UX designers and Website admins who gave their time and brain power to make this happen.

The old MediaWiki site is […]