The Grafana portal includes 20 dashboards, and 150+ panels to monitor the oVirt environment.
In this blog we present some very helpful use cases that can help you identify actionable insights. That can help you free unused resources and balance them.

Use Case 1:
Identify Virtual Machines you can delete
In the “Virtual Machines Uptime Dashboard“ you can identify unused virtual machines based on their planned downtime, and check if they can be deleted. Identify virtual machines that often experience unplanned downtime, click on the virtual machine name and see further details.

Use Case 2:
Identify data centers, and clusters that have high overcommit rates, and improve performance by balancing the resources or by adding additional resources
In the “Inventory Dashboard” you can see resources overcommit rates for the virtual machines, and the running virtual machines in each data center, and in each cluster.
See whether the resource allocation is balanced and whether resources should be removed or added across data centers and clusters.

Use Case 3:
Balance the available space between storage domains
In the “Storage Domain Inventory Dashboard” you can filter the available disk size, by specifying the size in GB to view all storage domains that are smaller than the size you specified. Identify the most used, and unused storage domains, and allocate the available space accordingly.

Use Case 4:
Identify Virtual Machines with open sessions that can be closed in order to free resources
In the “Executive Dashboard” you can identify virtual machines sessions with high average resource usage, and see their session length according to the selected time range.
You can click on the name of the virtual machine and open a dashboard with extensive details about the machine. In this dashboard, you can see which users used the machine and when.

Use Case 5:
Optimize your workload schedule
In the “Hosts/Virtual Machines Resource Usage Dashboard” you can identify busy days and hours of resource consumption, and see if your workloads can be distributed more efficiently according to day of the week and hour of the day.

Use Case 6:
Navigate easily to find the dashboard relevant to your needs
With the help of tags, you can easily filter the available dashboards.
For example, if you want to find data about virtual machine downtime, use the “VM” and “Downtime” tags.

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