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Engine XML Brings a Smoother Flow of Data Into oVirt

on November 8, oVirt 4.2 saw the introduction of an important behind-the-scenes enhancement.

The change is associated with the exchange of information between the engine and the VDSM. It addresses the issue of multiple abstraction layers, with each layer needing to convert its input into a suitably readable format in order to report to the next layer.

This change improves data communication between the engine and Libvirt – the tool that manages platform virtualization.


Previously, the configuration file for a newly created virtual machine (VM) originated in the engine as a map or dictionary.
Then, […]

Monitoring Improvements in oVirt

Recently I’ve been working on improving the scalability of monitoring in oVirt. That is, how to make oVirt-engine, the central management unit in the oVirt management system, able to process and report changes in a growing number of virtual machines that are running in a data center. In this post, I will elaborate on what we did and share some measurements.

Monitoring in oVirt

In short, oVirt is an open-source management platform for virtual data centers. It allows centralized management of a distributed system of virtual machines, compute, storage, and networking resources.

In this post, the […]