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Build oVirt Reports Using Grafana

Grafana, The open platform for beautiful analytics and monitoring,
recently added support for PostgreSQL.

It in now possible to connect Grafana to oVirt DWH,
in order to visualize and monitor the oVirt environment.

Grafana dashboard example

Adding a Read-Only User to the History Database

You may want to add a read only user to connect the history database :

Note: In oVirt 4.2 we ship postgres 9.5 through the Software Collection.

In order to run psql you will need to run:

# su – postgres
$ scl enable rh-postgresql95 — psql ovirt_engine_history

Monitor Your oVirt Environment with oVirt Metrics Store

The oVirt project now includes a unified metrics and logs real-time monitoring solution for the oVirt environment.

Using Elasticsearch – a search and analytics engine – and its native visualization layer, Kibana, we now provide oVirt project users with a fully functional monitoring solution.

The solution includes self-service dashboards for creating your own dashboard, reports, and log analysis for both the engine and VDSM logs.

The Kibana dashboard

Combining Elasticsearch and kibana – both built on top of the OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) – with the collectd and fluentd client-side daemons, results in a powerful […]