September 7th 2020 –

The oVirt 2020 online conference, organized by oVirt community, took place online on Monday, September 7th 2020.

oVirt 2020 is a free conference for oVirt community project users and contributors coming to a web browser near you!
There is no admission or ticket charge for this event. However, you are required to complete a free registration. Talks, presentations and workshops will all be in English.

Sessions recordings

All sessions has been recorded and made publicly available after the conference.


Have questions?

If you missed the chance to ask your questions live during the conference you can still get an answer by asking on the #ovirt irc channel and the oVirt users mailing list.

Organising committee:

oVirt Developers

Dominik Holler: Network team lead, Red Hat
Martin Perina: Infrastructure and network team manager, Red Hat
Michal Skrivanek: Project engineering lead, UX team manager, Red Hat
Sandro Bonazzola: Integration and node team manager, community liaison, Red Hat
Shirly Radco : Metrics team, Red Hat
Tal Nisan: Storage team manager, Red Hat

oVirt Board

Doron Fediuck: Red Hat, Strategic member
Martin Tessun: Red Hat, Mentor
Michael Enescu: Caltech, Mentor

oVirt Community

Adzmely Mansor: Malaysia Community founder, Independent consultant.
Gianluca Cecchi : Italian community co-founder, Extraordy
Jagi Sarcilla: Philippines community founder, Confidential
Nijin Ashok: India community co-founder, Red Hat
Shruti Kavishwar: India community co-founder, Red Hat
Stefano Stagnaro : Italian community founder, Extraordy


Paweł Mączka: Storware
Simon Coter: Oracle
Peter Lauterbach: Red Hat