September 14th 2021 –

The oVirt 2021 online conference, organized by oVirt community, took place online on Tuesday, September 14th 2021!

Session recordings

All sessions, except for the keynote, are pre-recorded. The speakers are in the chat on the watch link below during the talk and will answer questions.

Click here for the entire playlist.

  • Conference opening keynote (live) – Organizing Committee – Watch

  • oVirt community updatesSandro BonazzolaWatch

  • Exploring OKD on oVirt – What, Why and HowGal ZaidmanWatch

  • Prerequisites and Troubleshooting an oVirt External Authentication ProviderMarcos SungialaWatch

  • TPM support in oVirt – Milan Zamazal, Tomáš Golembiovský – Watch

  • Testing the Terraform ProviderJanos BonicWatch

  • Strengthen Your oVirt Data Resiliency and ProtectionLuwen ZhangWatch

  • Contributing to oVirt – Lev Veyde – Watch

  • Putting oVirt Documentation first: oVirt Documentation Process Changes – Steve Goodman – Watch

  • oVirt Changed-Block Tracking API – developer’s perspectiveMarcin KubackiWatch

  • Oracle’s shift to the open source oVirt project for server virtualization – John Priest – Watch

  • Policies for Automatically Dedicating CPUs to Workloads – Tomáš Golembiovský – Watch

  • Running oVirt in a Home Lab and Laptop – Paul Staniforth – Watch

  • Creating Oracle Databases on KVM using the deploycluster tool with oVirt APIMitch DsouzaWatch

  • Discovering the oVirt Ansible Collection for VMs and infrastructure automation – Luca Andrea Fusè, Stefano Stagnaro – Watch

  • Divide et Impera: how a fintech customer rearchitected their virtualization infrastructure while preserving workloads uptimeAndrea Perotti, Antonio Romito – Watch

Organising committee:

oVirt Developers

Martin Perina: infrastructure and network team manager, Red Hat
Michal Skrivanek: project engineering lead, Red Hat
Sandro Bonazzola: integration and node team manager, community liaison, Red Hat
Shirly Radco : Metrics team, Red Hat
Tal Nisan: storage team manager, Red Hat

oVirt Board

Doron Fediuck: Red Hat, Strategic member
Martin Tessun: Red Hat, Mentor
Michael Enescu: Caltech, Mentor

oVirt Community

Adzmely Mansor: Malaysia Community founder, Independent consultant.
Gianluca Cecchi : Italian community co-founder, Extraordy
Jagi Sarcilla: Philippines community founder, Confidential
Nijin Ashok: India community co-founder, Red Hat
Shruti Kavishwar: India community co-founder, Red Hat
Stefano Stagnaro : Italian community founder, Extraordy


Paweł Mączka: Storware
Simon Coter: Oracle
Peter Lauterbach: Red Hat
Luwen Zhang: Vinchin